03 June 2012

Sushi Train Broadbeach

Why I waited so long before visiting, I've no idea but I was blown away by the variety of the sushi (some even double stacked) whizzing past our booth. Service here is super efficient...we were welcomed straight away and waited about five minutes before being seated on a busy Friday night. It seems not even the pesky tram road works on Gold Coast Highway deter the faithful.

2012-05-06 13.13.55

Moving along quickly to the food...first up was a mini sashimi plate of tuna and salmon...tender, fresh and absolutely delicious. I like to have mine with soy sauce and a dot of wasabi.

2012-05-06 13.15.41

Next up was avocado sushi rolls and gyoza or dumplings with dipping sauce. The gyoza are filled with pork mince, spring onion, ginger and garlic; are steamed and then flash fried in broth. So far the best gyoza I've tasted on the coast. 

2012-05-06 13.16.23

Below is my chargrilled salmon nigiri in dipping sauce, topped with spring onion. if you're not into salmon, you could try the beef, prawn or scallop version of this dish. All equally yummy.

2012-05-06 13.22.19

And if you feel like something sweet after your meal, just grab yourself a chocolate mouse, jelly or ice-cream from the train. The other great thing about the sushi train besides the food, is that you don't have to break the bank to eat her. Plus it's away from the hustle and bustle, so you're more likely to get parking. Be warned, it's addictive. 

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