07 May 2012

Blackboard cafe–Varsity Lakes

This trendy chalkboard painted cafe, situated in the hip Varsity Lakes precinct, near Bond Uni is famed for their muffins and good coffee. The staff are true coffee lovers, laid-back and friendly. Our server even plonked himself at the end of our table and drank his espresso whilst taking our order. Is there a word out there for coffee sommelier? 

Blackboard blueberry and white choc muffin

I decided to try a famous muffin, blueberry and white choc, slightly warmed so the choc starts to melt but still crunchy on the outside. It's not the best I have had but a pretty darn good one. They don't do decaf coffee...yikes, another i went for a weaker version of their mocha which was extra sugar required and oh so pretty.

Blackboard mocha

All in all, a fun place to hang out even if the aircon is freezing cold so do take a jumper.

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