15 April 2012

Montezumas Surfers Paradise

Once inside Montezumas, you could easily forget about the outside world thanks to the plethora of traditional Mexican decor and heavily painted windows. As we entered tourist families, young couples and local oldies were all tucking into huge meals on this very busy rainy Friday night. Luckily the helpful staff secured us a table for two within minutes.

Montezumas mole chicken

Now I've always wanted to try the traditional Mexican mole sauce pronounced moo-lay. It's a thick chocolate chilli sauce traditionally made with chilli peppers, spices, day-old bread nuts and a little chocolate all roasted and ground into a fine powder, then mixed with water or broth, and simmered until it is pungent and very thick.

You can imagine my surprise at seeing Mole Pablano on the menu, half a baked chicken smothered in mole served with Mexican rice and coconut crumbed pineapple ring and banana for an amazing low price of only $20.95. Of course I wasn't that adventurous to actually order it, so I managed to convince my friend to order it while I played it safe with the chilli con carne and tortilla chips. Naturally, we would be "sharing" our meals.

Montezumas mole pablano

It was literally a mouthful of flavours  while I think the mole may not be for everyone, I loved the slightly bitter taste of the chocolate fused with the kick of chilli and herbs and generously dipped my chicken into it again and again.

Montezumas chilli con carne

My chilli was delicious too, flavoursome and packed with beans in a nice thick hearty sauce, topped with cheese and spring onions...I only wished I had more chips and perhaps some guac! Montezumas could well be the place to go to this winter, with our total bill coming in just over fifty dollars, which included two drinks.

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  1. I like montezumas too. But I usually their branch in the valley.

    1. What's your favourite meal Michael? Glad to hear they're consistent