28 April 2012

Black Coffee Lyrics @ Surfers Paradise

Retro and vintage sofa's and chairs are scattered inside and out. Face brick walls and pop art add to the feel, so you'll be forgiven for ignoring your guests for the first few minutes while you head tries to do a 360 degree turn as you take it all in. 
2012-04-21 14.30.44
Hip wait staff are extremely charming and easy on the eye...there's no drinks menu available...you tell them what you want and they create it! Unfortunately for me they do not do decaf...(I know...why drink coffee at all?) so the waiter made me a weak iced chocolate coffee concoction, which quickly cooled me down.
April 205
For brunch, I chose the appropriately named first timer, poached egg, basil cream, basil and of course crispy bacon on toasted turkish bread. Heavenly brekky on a plate and under $10.
April 211
Some of these pics were taken by my very talented friend alias Brazenbird. This was her lunch, similar to mine except the bacon was swapped for sweet potato and feta or some other moreish cheese.
April 233
And last but not least, the crepes, served with natural yoghurt, not cream we discovered and raspberries.
April 214
And my final sweet treat before leaving four hours later...was the banoffee pie, a traditionally English treat of crushed biscuit, caramel, banana and cream topped with chocolate. A steal at only $5. Oh and my total bill only came to $20.50, which was pretty good considering I had two courses and a drink.
2012-04-21 14.59.44
Check out this place before the masses descend...it's going to be perfect for winter. And  on that note, some more Black Coffee Lyrics art courtesy of my chick, Brazenbird.
April 235
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