17 December 2011

O Me Ly Vietnamese restaurant

This tiny restaurant is tucked away next to the Phoenician building and even though I have walked past it a thousand times, I had never ever actually ventured inside. Last Friday night, I decided to take the plunge and stepped inside (admittedly after doing some quick lunch time research).


It's very casual and laid back, so perfect for singlets and flip-flops (thongs). The waitress was very friendly and as it had just turned 6pm, it was practically empty. I ordered the chilli & lemongrass chicken with rice. And boy was I more than happy! This dish is amazing and the flavours of garlic, chilli and lemongrass smothering the chicken and fresh veggies are simply divine.


My friend ordered the rice noodle chicken soup as she was feeling a bit fluey. And don't they always say "chicken soup for a cold or is it for the soul"? She didn't rave as much about the soup as I did about my dish and next time, I think she will be ordering the chilli & lemongrass chicken too.


And at $30 including drinks, it doesn't break the bank either.

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