24 December 2011

No name lane

Living a stones throw away from this trendy little lane cafe in Broadbeach means I have visited them many many times already but just never got round to blogging about them. So finally, I am writing a post about them today before Christmas so hopefully you will pop in over the Christmas break.
I absolutely love their decaf mochas...no extra sugar needed (always a good sign), no burnt taste...just creamy chocolatey goodness in a cup and a perfect drinkable temperature. And it even got the approval from my friend (a true coffee addict) yesterday who had a normal caffeine filled mocha and loved it.
We also decided to try their biscotti yesterday and oh my gosh...these babies were so moist  and came served with blueberries, natural yoghurt and chocolate sprinkles. I tell you, a plain ol biscuit flung on the side of your saucer won't do for these folks. Not only are the staff lovely and super friendly but the cosy atmosphere of the place means you can easily while away the hours here.
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