24 August 2011

Elk Espresso Broadbeach’s new hip cafe

It was during my search for Vintage Espresso’s menu that I sort of accidently discovered that a new cafe called Elk Espresso had opened just a few blocks from me in Chelsea Avenue, Broadbeach.

caramel tart

I decided to meet a girlfriend for coffee and something sweet on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at Elk. Luckily for us we secured the last table albeit outside in the sun. The place was pumping with people and it was only 12pm. The abundance of happy customers eating, laughing and having a good time made me even more eager to sample some of their delicious goodies. The cafe has a trendy hip feel, probably due to the styling and decor. The staff are young and oh so trendy but very friendly (that rhymes!).

elk espresso

I ordered a coke and was told they only did organic cola, which I decided to try as I wanted a cold drink to cool me down. I must say it was quite refreshing and pleasant. I also bought a mini caramel tart (my latest addiction) so if you have a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with this little treasure and it only cost $3.00.

elk espresso caramel tart

I have yet to try the breakfasts or lunch, not for lack of trying but due to the popularity of this place (me thinks I will have to try and make a reservation at some point). So, instead I do regular drive-by’s and grab a take-away dessert or two. Below is my latest take-away, their pecan and caramel slice, only $3.50 and oh so yummy.

pecan caramel tart

Elk has definitely made it’s mark in Broadbeach and with me. The prices are reasonable, the food delicious, staff friendly and the location is perfect. It’s a must try!

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