12 August 2011

Duo Deli Breakfast – Chevron Island

A sunny winter’s morning on the Gold Coast is something to cherish and I often love to do this by popping out for (relish), just kidding…of course I meant breakfast. My second favourite meal of the day!
Duo Deli situated on the charming little Chevron Island strip comes highly recommended by a friend, who happens to be a local and also fellow blogger Richard Elliot, who enjoyed a breakfast here at my recommendation after completing the Gold Coast marathon.
decaf mocha duo
There are lovely little outside wooden tables and chairs, perfect for catching the sun’s rays but of course those are usually well secured by the early rising oldies. We settled for one of the inside tables and had a good view of the well stocked deli. Many Maggie Beer products line the shelves, along with hard to find items such as gelatine leaves and a wide selection of home made frozen meals. 
I ordered my usual decaf mocha, it was nice and sweet. The waitress brought us a bottle of water and two glasses as soon as we were seated, always a good sign.
duo decor
The menu is varied, with many delicious and unusual breakfast options, which made my choice so much harder. I finally chose the sweetcorn fritters with avocado and chilli jam. The fritters were perfect and well accompanied by the generous serving of avocado…although next time I may have a side serving of bacon.
sweetcorn fritters
My partner went for the big brekkie of eggs, sausages, bread and potato rosti. Just look at the size of those sausages! Be warned…you have to be hungry to finish those two monsters. The rosti was probably the best I have ever tasted, so fresh and herby…it was awesome and I wish I had ordered one on the side. My partner found everything quite tasty but did not rave about the sausages and didn't even bother to finish one!
bir brekkie
So if you are after something other than the standard bacon and eggs, definitely head on down or up to Duo Deli. Just remember to take your platinum too as this breakfast did not come cheap. Although $45 poorer, the super-friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere more than make up for the prices. 
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  1. Pleased to see you finally made it to Duo Deli! I thought it was a good breakfast spot. One of the better places on the Gold Coast?

    $45 does seem quite a lot, I can't remember how much I spent on brekkie. Sydney is quite expensive though so it might not have shocked me.

  2. The information of the food intems is well, what is the name of the breakfast items? thanks best caribbean island

  3. Hello there johnpaul

    first dish is sweetcorn fritters and avocado

    second dish is called the big brekkie