10 July 2011

Mme. Grenouille French Patisserie

Located on the corner of the Broadbeach Meriton Buidling, this quaint little patisserie and cafe produces quality pastries, cakes and desserts, equaling the cafes that I have been fortunate enough to visit whilst in Paris.


I normally buy my usual pain au chocolat, however on this occasion, my partner decided we should try one of their pretty macarons. Before Masterchef, I had never even heard of the things...let alone tasted one but here before us was a tempting range of macarons ranging in pretty pastel colours and delicious flavours. They definitely seem to be the new and preferred sweet treat.


We chose a blueberry and a strawberry and vanilla (pictured below) macaron on this occasion but have since tried most of the other flavours, the blueberry being my favourite.


The macaron itself is a layer of silky smooth flavoured filling sandwiched between two moist almond meringues encased in a light dainty crust. The macaron was chewy, with a deceivingly delicate crust that simply melts in your mouth. It is not an overly sweet dessert; and is therefore perfect as an after lunch take home treat. And at a cost of only $2.00, how can you resist?


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