11 January 2011

Garlic Clove Restaurant for a Taste of France

Ever been to Emerald Lakes on the Gold Coast? It is a suburb built on a beautiful lake and  resembles a European village or town (think Paris or Brussels). It is very picturesque, so if you have the time, do drop by and have a wander around. It is also home to a very good French restaurant called The Garlic Clove, situated on a lake and styled in a unique French way. They currently serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the service is warm and friendly.

We decided to go for the 3 course dinner menu option, as we were feeling quite greedy at the time, this works out to about $55.00 each, which is pretty good but of course I had a wine or two so the bill was a little bit more.

For our entree, we chose the home made chicken liver paté flavoured with Grand Mariner, served with a salad, gherkins and mini toasts. Be warned there is quite alot of pate...so you might fill up, the pate is smooth and creamy , the bread perfectly toasted and the gherkin salad, fresh and crunchy. 

The second entree was the scallops poached in white wine, lemon, garlic and cream, served within a pastry. This dish was delicious, although I would have preferred the scallops minus the roe (anyhoo). 

Now onto the mains, my partner selected the escalope of veal tenderloin, pan-fried, finished with mushroom, white wine and cream. Again the portions were generous, the sauce lovely and it would have been a great dish except that our veal was slightly overcooked (probably the only fault of the night).  

My dish of the medallions of pork fillet wrapped in bacon served on a bed of caramelised onions with blue cheese and a sun-dried tomato sauce was absolutely fautless, luckily there were two portions, so we were able to have one each. 

And we were pleasantly surprised to receive complimentary vegetables along with out mains. All cooked to perfection, I especially loved the potatoes! 

By this time we were bursting at the seams, but having already ordered dessert, we had to push through. I chose the classic creme brulee, which had a hard crispy top with a creamy filling, just the way it should be and a generous portion size again. 

My partner opted for the banana crepe served with butterscotch sauce and cream. 

Both desserts were great and had we not been so greedy, we probably would have finished them too. I would suggest that should you give The Garlic Clove a go, perhaps one of you could order the 3 course special and the other a main, if not be warned that you could be going home with a food baby, like we both did!

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  1. These seafood entrees are absolutely mouth watering. The spices like clove and cinnamon adds not only flavor, but nutrition.

  2. mmm...my photos back then do not do the food justice!!