09 December 2012

The Smoothie Shack Nobby's Beach

This little cafe came highly recommended by my new bf. It's a bit of a hidden gem, tucked in between some other cafes and shops on the busy Nobby's Beach strip. Everything on the menu's pretty healthy, there's a huge fresh juice and smoothie menu plus plenty of gluten free meal options.

Smoothie Shack

I ordered the Bali omelette, which is an omelette with a kick of chilli, coriander, ginger and garlic, served with fresh spinach, gluten free toast, slices of papaya sprinkled with desiccated coconut and  a special dipping sauce. The flavours in this meal remind me of holidays spent in Thailand. This is definitely my kinda food...no boring ham and cheese omelettes for me!

Bali Omelette

My bf ordered the Acai breakfast bowl. Pronounced aa-sigh-yee, these purple berries are a superfood from the Amazon in Brazil. The acai berry pulp is served with gluten free granola and fruit, topped with a sprinkling of coconut. It's quite refreshing and tasty, so much better than normal muesli fruit bowls, which I find way too dry and avoid like the plague. Plus the fact that they are super healthy of course, means they score a big tick from me.

Acai breakfast bowl

And to wash it all down...a fresh carrot juice smoothie! So if you care about what you put into your body, you'll want to become a regular at the Smoothie Shack.

Carrot smoothie

Don't forget to check out their lunch menu too for a variety of yummy quinoa dishes...yes quinoa! And finally, my recommendation to the Smoothie Shack would be to please stay open in the evenings too.

08 December 2012

Back to Blogger

So you may have noticed that I have not been blogging for a while...

Well, tragedy struck in a big way and when that happens you focus on the important things in life. So I took some much needed time out for myself and steered clear of all forms of social media.

Then due to some health issues, I was advised to cut our gluten, sugar and dairy from my diet and as a result I have had to completely change my diet and dining out habits. Yikes...very hard for a food blogger!

So many of my newer posts will review gluten and dairy free meals and even some raw meals (yes raw meaning uncooked). And just to set the record straight, these meals are not bland...they are healthy and surprisingly delicious. 

Thank you for reading and following x

24 July 2012

Justin Lane Burleigh Heads

Be warned Justin’s Lane is just that, a restaurant in a lane…so take a jumper and a scarf along if you’re planning to dine at this Burleigh pizza restaurant in winter!

2012-06-25 18.11.17

Luckily, the waiters were very friendly and accommodating and ushered us inside to the sofa after I mentioned that I I couldn't feel the outdoor heaters. To warm up I ordered my trade mark decaf mocha, which was served in this peculiar little mug.

2012-06-25 18.16.46

We ordered a spinach, b├ęchamel, buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto and pine nut pizza which was served on a thin crispy base and the verdict; well it was pretty good considering it was quite a plain sorta pizza.

2012-06-25 18.24.52

We also decided to have a crack at the slow cooked beef cheek ragu, pappardelle, and grana padano. If you haven’t attempted beef cheek before, please try it now!

This was probably my favourite of the two dishes…a perfect meal for a cold night. Succulent beef cheek ragu mouthfuls topped with melting grana padano cheese was simply mouth-watering. So much that I have been lusting after a beef cheek ragu pizza lately...

2012-06-25 18.25.20

For unusual pizza and pasta combinations, you'll have to fork out about $19-$25 max...quite reasonable for a unique flavour combination!